Liposuction has come a very long way. It no longer requires harsh surgery that leaves behind tell tale scars and involve a lengthy recovery period. With the emergence of laser-assisted liposuction in Dallas, unwanted fat can be removed safely and effectively without the many side effects that have previously been associated with more archaic forms of liposuction. And SlimLipo is the most advanced technology on the laser liposuction market.

The SlimLipo from Palomar is FDA approved as a minimally invasive body sculpting tool that melts away fat with less pain, bruising and downtime, making liposuction an ideal option for clients looking to eliminate stubborn cellulite. Because of these developments, SlimLipo is quickly becoming one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in Dallas, Texas. At National Laser Institute Med Spa, with its newest location now open in Dallas, clients are transforming their bodies and finding the confidence they’ve been searching for with SlimLipo.

SlimLipo only requires local anesthesia, which doesn’t carry the risks associated with being “put under” with general anesthesia as is required for traditional liposuction. It is an out-patient procedure with little to no recovery time, performed by a board certified and experienced plastic surgeon. SlimLipo works by gently liquefying fat allowing for easier extraction with a cannula. What’s more, the heat from the laser stimulates collagen production, which provides skin tightening benefits.

If you have excess fat that won’t respond to diet and exercise, then laser liposuction is the best proven method for “spot reduction” of a particular body area. If you maintain your current weight and level of exercise, results should be permanent.

The cost of SlimLipo varies, but National Laser Institute Med Spa offers substantial discounts of up to 60% OFF standard retail prices. And the best part is you’ll be back to your daily routine by the next day!

To find out what SlimLipo can do for you, schedule your free consultation today by calling 214.252.7844.

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